The Law Offices of Oscar Hernandez provides a wide range of legal services in civil and criminal law. Oscar Hernandez is also well versed in parole matters. When choosing legal assistance an important step is meeting face-to-face in an initial consultation with a prospective attorney. This face-to-face meeting with a prospective attorney is to discuss if your particular case requires legal representation and is also an essential step toward finalizing your choice of attorney.

If you've decided to meet with an attorney then you've accomplished an important first step. Now it's time to make sure that the meeting is as productive as possible and that both you and the attorney can have an honest conversation about your options. Sounds easy, but there are a few of things you shouldn't forget.

  • Make copies of everything you're going to need to take with you to the attorney's office. Keep the originals together somewhere safe and put the copies in a large envelope or folder.
  • Make sure you schedule plenty of time for the meeting. Although there are only so many types of situations an attorney can help you with, the details and complexity of individual cases varies wild greatly and you will want to have enough time to thoroughly discuss your problem and your options.
  • Bring with you a written list of questions. Even for those with great memories this is important as there can be a lot to discuss and many people are often nervous when speaking about their problems with an attorney for the first time.

Questions that you may want to ask a prospective attorney during an initial consultation include:

  • Do I need an attorney to solve my legal issue? 
  • Based on my situation, is this the type of case you routinely handle? 
  • What are my alternatives in resolving the matter? 
  • How long will it take to solve my legal problem? 
  • What are the fees and/or costs involved with my type of case? 
  • Do you offer any payment plans?

Our law firm offers free initial consultations. The attorneys and staff are dedicated to providing a superior level of service. We keep our clients informed of the progress of their case through regularly scheduled telephone calls. Client and/or family member inquiries are handled in a prompt and courteous manner. We aggressively protect our client’s interests and freedom, while working diligently to help them achieve their goals.
If you are considering divorce, facing a criminal charge, or entangled in a civil dispute that may require legal assistance, call our office today.

Oscar Hernandez: (210) 737-1900       Fax: (210) 223-4089

Oscar Hernandez : (210) 737-1900     Fax : (210) 223-4089
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